About JC LANDMARKS: Our Success

Since its formation in 1999, JC Landmarks has amassed an impressive array of victories, often against difficult odds. We have been told on more than one occasion that the loss of a landmark or the passage of anti-preservation legislation was inevitable, only to turn the tide with shows of strong public support for preservation. Notable victories include:

  • Stopping a plan to pave over Holland Street, the jewel of the six remaining cobblestone streets in Jersey City, and open that street to vehicular traffic. We subseuquently received a commitment to the city to preserve all remaining cobblestone streets.
  • Obtaining the salvage and re-use of historic maritime objects as part of the redevelopment of the Hudson River waterfront.
  • Placing the Hudson and Manhattan Railroad Powerhouse on the National Register of Historic Places, despite vigorous opposition from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
  • Saving the majority of the Whitlock Cordage complex, after its demolition was ordered by a Federal Bankruptcy court.
  • Blocking the passage of proposed changes to the zoning law that would have destroyed streetscapes and encouraged teardowns. In response, the city's planning department has put forth changes, since passed, which provide a measure of addtional protection against teardowns.

In addition to its campaign successes, JC Landmarks has hosted its annual Preservation Awards Ceremony since 2001, highlighting the stars of the community of preservation in Jersey City. JC Landmarks has also led a wide variety of tours and events, educating both residents and visitors about Jersey City history.

We also strive to raise awareness about threatened architectural resources, including historic sacred spaces like St. John's Episcopal Church and Sacred Heart Church.


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