The Peter Stuyvesant Monument, once located in the center of Jersey City’s ancient Bergen Square district (established by Dutch settlers in 1660), was erected between 1910 and 1913 after the designs of the great American Renaissance sculptor J. Massey Rhind.

Erected by the citizens of Jersey City to honor Director-General Peter Stuyvesant, the monument’s base and inscribed tablets were demolished in the winter of 2010 and the bronze statue taken to a local stoneyard for storage. (Read the full story by preservation writer John Gomez .)

As part of its preservation campaign, JC Landmarks is closely working with the City of Jersey City to restore and return the monument to its rightful place in Bergen Square.

Our preservation participation includes:

  • Accepting restoration donations on behalf of Jersey City (Estimated restoration/construction costs: $50,000)
  • Helped raise over $5,000 at the March 28, 2011 “Bring Him Home” Peter Stuyvesant Fundraiser
  • Will assist with the anticipated design competition for a new monument base